Mothering Poem- A Group Poetry Project

I am the nourishing earth in which you, the acorn, are beginning to show signs of becoming a great being.

I am the supple Aspen tree, rooted in the earth, swaying gracefully through even the strongest of winds. My leaves dance and shimmer with the laughing caress of a breeze; my strong branches reach for the sky and support you...climbing ever higher.

I am the elephant. My children have a hold of my tail and I am slowly leading them along.

I am a mother bear, soft and beckoning, strong and fierce, a warm place for cubs to snuggle into.

I am a tour guide in your life, leading you to the opening crack of a new book, the surprise of finding a fossil, the bliss of feeling the wind in your hair. Taking you behind the scenes of our family relationships, exploring the world with you and widening your circle of understanding.

I am a lioness, roaring lonely, painful cries through the African Savannah. I am a lioness, roaring to protect her young from predators.

I am the river flowing on a some times peaceful and some times chaotic journey through life/motherhood.

We ride the waves together, feel the breeze blow through each of us, soak up rays of sunshine over all of us, we grow together.

Let me be your prism... shine your bright white light...see paths of many colors... all of them bright. You have chosen your journey and you are the light.

Various contributors, 2/2010

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