Sunday, November 28, 2010

A recipe for you!

The Serena Sweater
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton fleece
Needle: Size 7 circular (It was a long one) and set of 5 size 7 double points
For a size 6/7 girls', Cast on 74 over 4 double points , join for knitting in the round
Knit 2 rounds. On second round, knit 13, PM, K1, PM, K 10, PM, K 1, PM, K 25, Pm, K1, PM, K 10, PM, K 1, PM, K 12 (place different marker here to indicate beginning of round if desired)
Knit, increasing one stitch on either side of marked stitch (k to marker, K 1 f&b, slip marker, k 1, slip marker, k 1 f&b)
Knit a round in between increase rounds.
Knit until the sweater just meets at the armpits. I knitted mine until it was a touch longer, to add for growth.
Place the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn and join the bodice for working in the round. Count your stitches. At the underarms, cast on about 6 extra stitches. The goal is to end up with a multiple of 3. On this sweater, it was 120 stitches.
Knit one round.
Feather and fan round: * K2 tog (3 x) K 1, YO (3 x)*, repeat from * * all the way around.
Knit 2 rounds plain.
Repeat feather and fan round once more.
Knit, adding side increases every 3 inches.
When sweater is desired length, k a round, p a round to create a garter stitch border. Mine was 10 rounds.
Cut yarn. Place sleeve stitches on double points, adding the same number of  extra stitches that you did at the underarms. Knit until sleeves are desired length, adding a garter stitch border as above.
Repeat for second sleeve.
Weave in ends. If desired, crochet around the neck edge for stability (that's what I did but it's your sweater)
That's it! now watch your 7-year-old daughter wear it every day. It just warms your heart.
And now, the Thanksgiving picture that beat out all the other ones:
Thanks for the haircut (s) Grandma!(We had a wonderful time. Thank you for EVERYTHING)


affectioknit said...

So PERFECT! I love it!

Angela said...

oooh thanks for the pattern, I'll put this in my to do pile!